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Carpet isn’t just a floor covering

When you think about carpet floors, so much comes to mind that you instantly realize, it isn’t just a floor covering, it’s an experience. The soft underfoot feel is always expected, as is the inviting and warm atmosphere it creates in entry rooms such as foyers and living rooms. It’s always been known for a variety of benefits, but there are now more benefits than ever before for you to take advantage of. In fact, it could be the very material you need to complete your home’s personality. Just take a moment to compare your own requirements alongside the extensive list of pros you’ll find in this amazing material.

C&C Flooring and Design Center knows there are times when an extra set of eyes can make a huge difference in your flooring project. Since we strive for complete customer satisfaction, we’ll do our best to take your unique ideas and make them a reality on your own floors. Serving the communities of Albuquerque, Santa Fe, East Mountains Area, and Rio Rancho, our showroom is located in Albuquerque, NM. We invite you to visit us there where you’ll quickly find out how different the floor shopping experience can be. Our knowledgeable staff is standing by to assist you in all your needs, from picking the perfect floor covering, to helping design your creative masterpiece.

When carpet offers so much more

The most important choice you’ll make in picking the perfect carpet is the fiber. Each fiber has its own characteristics set that makes one better suited to your needs than all the others. For instance, if you have a heavily trafficked area, you’ll need a fiber such as nylon or polyester that can stand up to that kind of activity. This not only helps keep your floors looking better longer but can also help it to maintain its length of expected lifespan.

Some carpets are made with stain protection built right into the fibers, which is a huge benefit for any homeowner. It means that stains no longer have an opportunity to soak in and become permanent. It’s also easier to keep clean, and even repeated cleanings won’t make this protection wear away. The biggest benefit here is that you no longer have to apply and reapply harsh chemicals to make sure your flooring remains gorgeous.

Be sure to ask about the necessity of professional installation for your new carpet. This assures a successful installation and makes sure your warranty is not voided.

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